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No sea is like Skagerrak. Its powerful, Nordic nature is unique. It can be wild and fierce. And it can be quiet and calm. Here we connect with ourselves, with the sky and with the sea. Nature and flora are the heart and soul of Skagerrak, here all senses are exploding with exciting spices and beautiful colours. The raw, salty wind also carries the sweetness of the flowers and berries. Here we feel alive. Here, life tastes good.

Skagerrak is our compass in everyday life, and it is our anchor in a wild world. It is Nordic by heart, and it has inspired us to create this supreme gin.

Breathe deep and let your thoughts wonder. Enjoy the view.

Prepare yourself to love life and its mix of light and dark, calmness and storms, sweetness and saltiness.

That is Skagerrak and that is how Skagerrak Gin tastes.

A refined aroma balance from berries, flowers and salty Dulse seaweed.

That is the recipe behind Skagerrak Gin.

Now it is your turn to mix your own gin cocktails.

Let the mixing be gin