Skagerrak - Dry Martini recipe

Dry Martini

In the world of cocktails there are many classics, on top of the throne we find the Dry Martini served in the iconic Art Deco glass that was presented at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1925.

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Skagerrak - Nordic G&T recipe

Nordic G&T with sea salt and celery

Garnish is about two things: Either you emphasize something that is already in the gin, such as sea salt in a gin that contains distilled seaweed. Or complemented by, for example, having celery that goes along great with typical gin botanicals. Or both...

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Skagerrak - Bramble recipe


A classic cocktail created in the mid-80’s by Dick Bradsell at Fred’s Club in London. This cocktail has a nice balance and easy to sip. A bramble is the bush that blackberries grow on.

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Skagerrak - Gin Gin Mule

Gin Gin Mule

One could say that the Gin Gin Mule is a mix of Mojito and Moscow Mule but with gin. It’s a fresh drink with a taste of lime and ginger.

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Skagerrak - Negroni recipe


A classic Negroni with Nordic elements. This bitter cocktail offers hints of herbs and fruits with sweetness from vermouth and jam.

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